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River Oak Orchards History

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Henry Van Groningen Sr moved to America from the Netherlands in 1910.


Henry Van Groningen Sr moves from Minnesota to California’s Central Valley where started his first dairy farm.


Henry Van Groningen Sr moved to Ripon, California to continue dairy farming.


Henry Van Groningen Sr planted his first almond orchard and became one of the first almond farmers in Ripon, California. He soon followed up the almond orchard with planting walnuts and watermelons.


Henry Van Groningen Sr's sons, Art and Henry, took over the family farm and continued the family legacy with a 25 year partnership. As Art and Henry’s sons grew up and developed a  fondness for the family business, they made the decision to split the family business.


Henry Van Groningen Jr and his sons took over farming the almond trees and soon added walnuts, kiwis and nectarines.


Chris Van Groningen purchased a walnut huller and began a farming partnership with his brothers.


Vertical Integration. As the hulling business grew, Chris Van Groningen expanded and added a processing plant to the business which has been growing ever since.


River Oak Orchards continues to pride itself on packing and shipping the highest quality California Walnuts.


River Oak Sustainability

Sustainability is a part of our story. As River Oak Orchards continues to

increase the amount of walnuts we process every year, our dedication for sustaining the land that has allowed many to flourish increases as well.

Solar panels run our facility and irrigation pumps at fields

Walnut shells are spread around our facility to control dust

Moisture control sensors that help to schedule irrigation

Micro irrigation and drip systems for watering our trees

Incorporate pruning and other clippings back into the soil

Local dairies use our walnut shell for bedding and dust control

About River Oak Orchards

A lot has changed in 3 generations, but our commitment to environmental sustainability has remained true.

River Oak Orchards Walnuts

Our History

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